Brief Introduction

UltrAnode was founded by an international research group of highly skilled metallurgical, chemical and mechanical engineers who have been working on electrolytic catalysis since 2009. This company operates in the field of electrolytic catalysis focused on the production and the development of anodes coating based on the noble metals group. 

UltrAnode manufactures MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) coatings which are used in many industries such as chlorine alkaline, cathodic protection, electrowinning, wastewater treatment and electroplating which need electrochemical reactions. Depending on the coating function, they usually include oxide form of rare metals like Ruthenium, Iridium, Tantalum, Platinum and some other rare/non-rare metals.

Our innovative experts continuously work on coatings' quality to ensure their performance. We also offer a vast variety of coatings in many industries and various applications.

Besides coating technology, manufacturing new anodes and refurbishing used anodes are performed with in-house facilities to ensure quality and delivery time. 

UltrAnode's Mission and Vision          

Mission Statement

UltrAnode’s mission is to make a contribution to the elctrochemical industry by offering innovative, high-quality and cost-effective electrolyser cells (and MMO Anodes). We constantly strive to forge long-term relationships that create mutual value for our clients, communities and the environment.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to become an electrochemcial company that meets the needs of our customers in nearly all sectors in an environmentally sustainable way.

General Applications
• Electro-dialysis in wastewater treatment, water conditioning and the synthesis of organic compounds
• Cathodic protection of various structures like offshore, ships, reinforcement bars in concrete
• Wet electrodeposition of precious metals like gold, rhodium, platinum, palladium & non-ferrous metals like chromium, nickel, copper, tin, cobalt & zinc
• Production of chlorates, perchlorate, chlorine / caustic, hypochlorite
• Electrolytic production of chromic acid and hydrogen from water
• Electrochemical cleaning of electronic components
• Eelectrochemical electro-galvanizing of steel strip
• Electrolytic metal recovery

MMO Anodes Overview
MMO anodes have originally developed to produce chlorine from seawater electrolysis since the 1960s. Over the years, lots of improvements have been made such as stability in dimension, lower power consumption and longer lifetime.