Brief Introduction


Founded by an international research group of skilled metallurgical, chemical and mechanical engineers, Ultranode is a manufacturer of MMO Anodes and Electrochlorination facilities, On-site Hypochlorite Generation. 

Ultranode MMO Anodes, known as UMMO, could be adjusted for multiple industries such as chlorine alkaline, on-site Hypochlorite generators, cathodic protection, and wastewater treatment. 

On top of that, Ultranode offers Electrochlorinators, within a wide range of capacities operating with Seawater, or Brine.


contributing to the electrochemical industry by offering innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective electrolyzer cells and MMO Anodes. We steadily strive to forge long-term relationships that create mutual value for our clients, communities, and the environment.


To become an electrochemical company that meets the requirements of our customers in nearly all sectors walking in an environmentally sustainable path.