Standards & Certificates

UltrAnode has achieved the following certifications for its activities:

• NACE TM0108, Testing of Catalyzed Titanium Anodes for Use in Soils or Natural Waters, 2012 

• ASTM B 348, Titanium and Titanium Alloy Bars and Billets

• ASTM B 265, Titanium and Titanium Alloy Strip, Sheet, and Plate 

• ASTM B 539 "Standard Test Method for Measuring Resistance of Electrical Connections (Static Contacts)" 

• ASTM D 3359 "Standard Test Method for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test" 

• NACE SP0572 "Standard Practice for Design, Installation, Operation , and Maintenance of Impressed Current Deep Anode Beds

Besides the  standards mentioned above, many internal standards have been developed by our experts because of a lack of a comprehensive standard in the field.