Diaphragm Cells

A very widespread technology based on an anolyte – catholite separation system formed by a porous diaphragm, initially asbestos based but in the process of being replaced, in many production plants, with an inert diaphragm in fluorinated polymers fibre (PTFE).
This process is fairly common in North-America, Europe, Middle East and South Africa.
Anodes have a very similar design and are generally composed by a bi-metal copper-titanium central bar, which serves the purpose to convey the current to the Anode’s surface formed by two opposed nets in activated Titanium.
UltrAnode offers both the re-coating service for exhausted Anodes, through the spot welding on the existing net’s surface of a thickly woven thin net (“Minimesh”), also activated, as well as new construction of a full Anode.

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