Brine Electrochlorination

Brine Electrochlorination Plants and packages are used whenever Seawater is not available. All you need here to generate disinfectant is salt and water or Brine. By the electrolysis of brine (Salty Water) through MMO Anodes and Titanium Cathodes, the Sodium Hypochlorite will be produced alongside Hydrogen gas. This technology makes you independent of industrial Sodium Hypochlorite, sometimes not available due to interruptions in supply chain. This solution could be used to sanitize water wherever you need disinfection.

Brine Electrochlorination


  • Recording and Controlling inlet & outlet temperature, pressure, voltage, and amperage at electrolyzer
  • Dilution of air pressure and flow monitoring
  • Rupture disk applied at Electrolyzer inlet
  • Hydrogen detector
  • Air (Nitrogen) purging for H2 dilution and long-term shutdown
  • Liquid earthing


  • Horizontal electrolyzer
  • Full flow pass through Electrolyzer
  • Conductivity meter utilized in acid cleaning system
  • Use of digital multi-function meters for each MCC feeder

Environmentally friendly

  • Mist separator Easy Application and Long Endurance
  • HMI installation on Rectifier
  • Use of capacitor at rectifier inlet
  • Fluid velocity control and Sampling at each Electrolyzer outlet
  • Appropriate injection systems
  • Appropriate flushing system of injection pumps
  • Appropriate tank design

The graphical scheme of the process is shown herein. What is important is that we do the turnkey projects from feasibility study to design, installation and commissioning. All the accessories such rectifiers or pumps will be procured from our reputable vendors.

Brine Electrolysis process

In ULTRANODE, we manufacture a wide range of capacities to generate Sodium Hypochlorite for water disinfection applications. Herein a table of our availabilities is demonstrated. Also, the electricity, Salt and Water consumption is included. Significantly, the electrical consumption is among the bests in the market.

Brine EC chart  

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