UltrAnode is proud to announce the production at its facilities, of industrial mixed metal oxides (MMOs) anodes for both oxygen and chlorine evolution in order to address the specific needs customers from the mining, metallurgical, and electrochemical industries and also to support our own electrowinning technologies at client’s sites worldwide.  For instance, our iridium-coated MMO anodes are particularly suitable for operating under high anode current densities in harsh environments such as hot and concentrated sulfuric acid, an anolyte used in novel electrowinning processes.

COATINGS: Regarding the coatings chemistries various electro-catalyst formulations can be prepared and customized including: iridium-coated (Ir and IrO2), ruthenium-coated (Ru and RuO2), and platinum-coated or platinized (Pt, PtOx) anodes or a combination to address any specific situation.  In addition, various oxides of valve action (VA) metals are used including but not restricted to: titanium dioxide (TiO2), zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), niobium pentoxide (Nb2O5) and tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5) or a combination.  For certain specific industrial applications such as: organic electrosynthesis, electro-oxidation, water sanitation, sea water electrolysis, and ozone production other conductive ceramic oxides coatings can be applied on top of the existing MMO coating such as lead dioxide (PbO2) or manganese dioxide (MnO2). Catalysts loading ranging from 5 g/m2 to 50 g/m2 of total mixed metal oxides (MMO) are usually prepared but other custom loadings can be prepared upon request to suit the client needs.

SUBSTRATES: Various metals, alloys and materials substrates available commercially are offered such as but not limited to: [1] titanium and its alloys, [2] zirconium and its alloys, [3] niobium and its alloys, [4] tantalum and its alloys and also [5] electrically conductive ceramic materials of various composition.

SHAPES: Our manufacturing capabilities in close collaboration with contractors and metal manufacturers in Middle East area allows us to provide our customers with a wide variety of products shapes such as but not limited to: squares and rectangular sheets, strips, foils, plates, expanded metal and meshes, corrugated and perforated metal plates, wires, rods, discs, bars, and tubes. Customs forms and tailored made anodes according to client’s requirements, specifications and drawings, are also prepared.  Titanium-clad copper bus bards welded directly to our MMO anodes ready to be installed into electroplating or electrowinning tanks are also offered.

DIMENSIONS - At present our current production facility allows us to prepare only mixed metal oxides anodes with geometric surface area ranging from few square inches (few square centimeters) up to 4.25 square feet (ca. 0.395 m2) and we plan to expand our production capabilities in the near future in order to fabricate anodes with greater active surface area.

COATING SERVICE LIFE & CONSUMPTION RATE - The expected service life of MMO anodes is usually expressed as the circulated electric charge per unit surface area.  It reaches several millions of ampere-hours per square meter (MAh/m2) for MMO anodes.  Moreover, the consumption rate of the mixed metal oxides coating is usually low in the order of few milligrams per ampere-year that ensures a long service life. In order to address our client's requirements and specifications, we offer the following four MMO grades with increased service life: low utilization (LS); moderate utilization (MS); high utilization (HS), and finally heavy duty service (HD).

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