Analysis / Test
In order to assist our clients to select the proper substrate and coating, we offer extensive in-house testing capabilities especially service life tests under actual operating conditions. For these tests, the client agrees to pay for the time and expenses.

Upon ordering, the client responsibility is to provide confidentially several mandatory information required to tailor the suitable anode product, among the critical parameters, these are listed as follow:

Shape & Dimensions: exact size and shape with drawings,
Type of electrochemical process: electrosynthesis, electrowinning, electroplating, galvanizing, electrochemical oxidation, disinfection, cathodic protection, batteries, fuel cells, etc.
Type of anodic process: oxygen gas evolution, chlorine gas evolution, mixed gases evolution, iodine and bromine discharge, electrochemical oxidation.
Type of current regime: direct current (DC), alternative current (AC), pulsed current, and over imposed sinusoidal current to DC current.
Operating conditions: electrolytes or anolyte chemical composition, maximum and minimum operating temperature, average and peak anode current densities (ACD), overall cell voltage and overpotential, expected service life.
Deleterious impurities: presence of deleterious impurities such as for instance: fluoride anions, nitro-aromatics, other organics, nitrites, chromium and manganese cations, etc.
Mechanical, electrical, and thermal constrains: stiffness, rupture strength, fracture toughness, electrical resistivity, wear and abrasion, thermal expansion and thermal conductivity.

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